Success Stories


Problem - Clinical Trial Data Collection for International Agriculture Client


Client was in jeopardy of losing seven years worth of clinical trial results.  The Excel spreadsheet required 40 hours or more to complete using cut, copy and paste.  The data in the spreadsheet had no validation processes in place.  Cjk Software resolved these issues by developing custom reports using Crystal Reports.  The reports connect directly to the source of the data in an Oracle 8 database.  This database connects to the output of the instruments used to test samples.

Results - 40+ Hours reduced to 4 minutes and pushing a button


Problem - National Sports Association Needed Help Finishing Solution


One of our recent clients had an unfinished desktop application.  The developer company gave up on completing the project and asked us if we could finish it.  We assessed the problems and developed a plan to salvage the application.  We enhanced features in the second version and successfully delivered it to more than 100 colleges.  They now have an automated system of reports to handle complex eligibility rules.

Results - 100 + Administration staff are ecstatic with the solution


Problem - Truck Factory Needed Help Completing the Safety Solution


Major truck manufacturer needed help in converting client/server solution written by an employee to be used on the assembly line.  Client had no resource to complete the job.  John completed the job and provided the solution that helped build quality trucks while keeping assembly line workers safe.

Results - 3 + Years assembly line workers safely building quality trucks

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