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  John J Krzysztow

Professional Profile

Founder of CjK Software Consultants is an alumnus of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where he performed systems engineering, software quality assurance, and software engineering. John's major focus was involved with large accounts maintaining data centers or time-sharing systems. Always wanting to try his hand at software, he was given the opportunity to write business tools for DEC corporate before starting his own software consulting business. He was downsized in 1992. John started his consulting company soon after this great opportunity to do his own thing.

Education and Personal History

John received his BS in Computer Science/ Math in 1991 from Clark University in Worcester, MA. John has been an adjunct professor at Johnson County Community Business Center and Brown Mackie College. John has held leadership positions for the Heartland Users Group, Independent Computer Consultants Association and Bluejacket Toastmasters. He has participated at numerous business technology advisor committees for High Schools in Missouri and Kansas. Currently John is the president of KC WebPros and returning to Heartland Users Group as Vice President.

Professional History

John has developed several custom solutions for clients needing desktop, client/server or web based solutions. He continues to develop using legacy tools and Crystal Reports. John's role has also transformed into a mentor /business development manager leading a team of three developers.



Associate Developers

Eyual Getahun of Roundwell Consulting
eyual Strategic Alliance Partner
Skills: Action Script, C#, Dreamweaver, Flex, g-Mail, Google Apps, Joomla, Php, MySQL, SSRS, SQL Server 2005, SharePoint
Alex Elting of Cjk Software Consulting
alex Senior Software Consultant
Skills: C#, Asp, Sql Server 2005, C++






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